2020 12 10 췽 Ʈ, ̽ å Haim EshedԲ ܰε ϰ η ׵ غǾ ʾҴ Ͻ 縦 ҽϴ. ڿ 鿡 ΰ ȣ ̳ ̳ մϴ.  鿡 ȣ ׸ ó Ȯ ü Ÿ 湮Ѵٴ ܰε鿡 ȣ ϴ. κ Ȯ ๰ü () ְ ֽϴ. ׷ ۼƼ ϴ. ׸ ϳ ¥ ̽, װ ϰ ޾Ƶ ʿ䰡 ϴ. ü ܰ(ͣ) Դϱ? âǾ ִٴ ̿ Դϱ?  ׵ 湮մϱ? ׸ ׵ 󸶳 湮Ͽϱ?  캸 湮ڵ շϸ ȰѴٴ ̾߱ մϴ. 츮 ϰ ִ ָ Ϸ 鿡 Ͽ ʿ䰡 ִٰ մϴ.  鸸 ˱⸦ մϴ. Ȯ ๰ü ε鿡 ó ϰ ֽϴ.

ܰε Ǵ ():

* ż Spiritism)

* Ȥ ֿ ּ Ÿ ƿ - ¥ ܰԴϱ?

˱⸦ մϴ. ڿ 翡 Ͽ Ѷ ȸ̾ 籹 ϰ ֽϴ. Eshed  30 ̽ α׷ åڷ ϼ, ̽ ()  3̳ ()Ͻ в ̽󿤰 ̱ Բ Ⱓ ܰΰ ŷϰ ִٰ ϼ̽ϴ.

ܰε鿡 ؼ  ϰ ֽϱ?


ſ ϰ ȿ ܿ ٸ ִٴ Ĩϴ. ׵ õ θϴ. õ 츮 麸 ͷ â Դϴ.

 2:7  õ纸 ϰ Ͻø ͷ ø

õ մϴ. ׷ ȣ( / ߿G2962 / H3068AHEBYHWH) ϳ(G2316  / H430 img016_3.gif) õ ִ ݸ鿡 ź õ ֽϴ.

5:11 ¿ ε ѷ õ ̿ õõ̶

7:10 ó 귯 տ ׿ ϴ ڴ õõ̿ տ ڴ ̸ Ǫµ å

26:53 ʴ ƹ Ͽ (twelve legions[6,000*12=72,000] of angels / 7 2õ) Ǵ õ縦 ð ٷ ƴ

׷ϴ. ȿ ȣ( / ߿) ź ܿ ֽϴ. ٰ ֽϴ. ׸ ׵ õ Ⱓ η 湮ϰ ־ϴ!


* õ Դϴ.

ȣ( / ߿) ϳ() âǾ(â 1:27), ϼ ° ƴϸ մϴ. õ Ѵٸ, ׵ 츮 ΰ մϴ. ȣ( / ߿) õ簡 185,000 ȥڼ ֽϴ.

37:36 ȣ( / ߿) ڰ Ѽ () ȸõ Ƿ ħ Ͼ ü̶


˸ Ͽ õ簡 70,000 ̴ ֽϴ.

24:15 ̿ ȣ( / ߿) ħ Ͻ ¿ ̽󿤿 ô ܺ 꿤ٱ 鼺 ڰ ĥ ̶

24:16 ׶ õ簡 췽 Ͽ Ϸ Ͽ, ȣ( / ߿) ŸϽð, 鼺 ̴ õ翡 Ͻñ⸦ " ϴ ŵξ." ϼ̰, ׶ ȣ( / ߿) õ ν ƶ쳪 Ÿ۸ 翡 ־.


õ ŷ ƴմϴ.

õ ŷ ƴմϴ. ȣ( / ߿) ϴ õ ֽϴ. 뷫 õ ź Ѵٰ մϴ.

12:4 ϴ ٰ ػ Ϸ տ װ ػϸ ̸ Ű ϴ

12:7 ϴÿ ̰ ڵ Ҿ ο ڵ鵵 ο쳪

12:8 ̱ Ͽ ٽ ϴÿ

12:9 ū ѱ Ͷ ϰ ̶ ϴ õϸ Ҵ ڶ ѱ ڵ鵵 Բ ѱ϶


⼭ 츮 ź ¡ϴ ū ȣ( / ߿) ϴ õ ֽϴ. ٲپ ڸ ź ȣ( / ߿) ϳ() ϴ õ 鸸Դϴ.


Introducing The Western World To Magic Mushrooms ø Ű ߰߰ Ƿνú(߽ڻ LSD ȯ), ȯ(DMT), ƾ߿ͽī(ȯ Ư ) Ĺ Ǿǰ Ͻ ɳ(Dennis McKenna) ȯ (psychedelic mushrooms) 5g ϸ ܰ ִٰ Ͽϴ. ƿƮƮƹ(ȯ / dimethyltryptamine) γ ȭѼ ٸ ϴ ϰ Ѵٰ ϸ, ȯ ϸ ӻ() ü Ѵٰ մϴ.

ƸŸ ( ) ̹ ũ , ȭ, Ÿ ȭ, 𵨿 ֽϴ. ũ Ӵ򿡼 Ͽϴ. ŸŬν ȯ "" ִ Դϴ(Santa Claus is a shaman who gives out psychedelic mushrooms as gifts). ŸŬν ƸŸ Դϴ. ׸ ࿡ ߿ Ͽϴ. ƸŸ Խϴ. 񵿵 ȯ ȿ ϱ Һ ̴ٰ մϴ(Shamans and herdsmen are documented drinking reindeer urine in order to experience the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms the caribou have eaten). ׻Ӹ ƴ϶ Թڵ鵵 ̴ٰ մϴ. ȯ ¿ ճ Ǵϴ  Ͽٰ մϴ. ҳ 鿩ͼ ؿ ( ) ٷ̸ ǥϴ ְ޴ ƽʴϱ? װ ҳ ؿ ߻ ' ż' ƸŸ ī(Amanita muscaria) ã ֱ Դϴ. ƸŸ ԰ 踦 Ͽٰ մϴ. ʴ ⵶ ڵ ¾ һϴ (߽ / ) ׸() źϷ սŲ ũԴϴ. ׸ ܰε Ÿ õԴϴ. (Joseph Jordan) ÷θ ھƿ ܰ ġ CE4 ü ̽ʴϴ.

ܰ üڵ Ϻΰ ü Űų ־ ߽߰ϴ. ⵶ ܰ üڵ ̿ ־ϴ. ü ׸ ̸ ׺ ħν ܰε ߰ ϰų ü ־ٴ Դϴ. ܾ ƴ϶ ׺п 漺ɰ ׺а Դϴ.

Ƕڵ (߽ / ) ̸ ܰε(Ƿɵ) Ͽ ̱ Դϴ.

ũ - http://www.alienresistance.org/2-aliens-friendly-messengers-from-god/

(Testimony of Lindsey): ܰ ģ ޽Դϱ?


ȳϼ, ϳ ׻ 츮 Բ Ͻñ ٶϴ.

̸ ̰ ũ ߽ϴ. ϰ 帮 Դϴ. Դϴ. װ 5 츮 ̻ ϵ Ͼ鼭 ۵Ǿϴ. Ÿο ־ ׻ 鿡 Ͼ ־ϴ. ǵƺ ̾ϴ. · Ȯ ƹ͵ ʾҴٴ Դϴ. Źڿ , ¢ ʰ , پϴ. Ȳ ϴ. ׷ ĿԽϴ. ϳ · ħ뿡 "ϴ". "(thing)" Բ 濡 ־ϴ. װ ( ʰ  ־ 𸣰ڽϴ)  ҳó ڽ ߽ϴ. ʹ Ǿ־ ׷  ҳడ 濡 ִٴ ˾ ȽϿϴ. ׶ װ ߰ װ ϰ ϴ ӿ û ϴ. "װ ׳ װ  ҳ ϱ ٶ ̾" ٷ ׶ پϴ. ׷ " ּ, ϳ. ּ!" ̾ϴ. ׸ "װ" ο ӿ ڷ װ Ҹ ΰ Ϳ ϴ Ȯմϴ. ׷Ƿ ſ ⵶ε ãҰ, װ Ǹ ʾ ( մϴ) ׵ ǰ ε߽ϴ. ⵶ε ̿ Ͽ ߰ ʹ ϴ. ϱ ߰, û η ɾҽϴ. , ϴ. Ͽϴ(It began five years ago with strange things happening in my house. I had presently been involved with Tarot on a high level and ALWAYS could predict events for people. I look back in sadness. Anyway, the point is I didnt believe in anything really. Flashlights would fall off the table, my dog would growl at nothing, I had bad dreams. Things were scary. Then one night it all came down on me. I awoke in bed without being able to move at all, not even an eyebrow. Some thing was in my room with me. It disguised itself to my sleeping mind (I still dont know how I could see it without my eyes open) as a little girl. I was so scared because I was paralyzed but when I realized a little girl was in my room I relaxed for some reason. Then it began to come toward me, which made me a little nervous.At the VERY LAST moment I heard the faintest plead in my mind It just wants you to think its a little girl and RIGHT then the thing jumped at my chest, but not before I screamed in my mind, Jesus help me, God help me! And the thing was thrown back in utterly agonizing pain and the sound it made was as close to hell as any human ears could ever hear.I am sure. So, I found some very devoted Christians and I still didnt believe it was a demon but someone (thank you Jesus) led me to their arms. They explained to me and I was so terrified.but I began to believe, I asked Jesus into my life and heart and ONLY THEN did my terror subside, in fact, I felt better than I ever thought possible. My faith had arrived).

ũ -http://www.alienresistance.org/42-it-grabbed-y-wrists-as-i-laid-sleeping/

(Testimony) 42

ڴµ ո ϴ(It Grabbed My Wrists As I Laid Sleeping)



켱 ̶ܰ װ Ǹ ǹմϴ. ֳϸ ̶ܰ ܾ ϱ Դϴ. Ȩ ťƼ Ȳ ٲ 3 20뿡 ٲϴ! 3 10 ڸ ϴ. !  ׷ Ͼٰ ݾƿ. ʹ(Spielburg) ܰ ġ ȭ "ū(Taken)" ׷ϴ. ̻! ڸ 𰡰 ո ҽϴ. ׸ ȿ ִ ̸ Ͽ ڸ ¢ν ܰ, Ǹ, ħ, Ϲ, ӹ ͷϰ ο鼭 Ǿ ־ϴ! ׷ Ʈ ִ Ȯϱ ѷ ħ뿡 Ͼϴ. ȿ -ܰ-õ غ Ǿϴ! Ͽϴ. ġó ϴ ǰ? ƴմϴ... а ϰ ǾҴٴ Դϴ. ̰ ٰ ִٴ ̾ϴ. ź Դϴ. Ϸ ߴ ϳ ɷ ִ ǵ ϴ. ! ѹ߿ մϴ! ģ Ҹó 鸮 ð ׷ .. ȯ  ̷ο Դϴ. ׸ װ ϰ ޾Ƶ ̻ η ϴ. ̰Ϳ Ӵ ԰ ׺ ȣϽô Ȯſ ɴϴ!

, ϸ ϸ

Hi Joe!

For starters when I say alien, it means demon, for I like the ring of the word alien. Home security went from yellow, passed orange, to red last night at about 3:20 am! I went to bed about 3:10 am. See! I told you things happen at that time for some reason. Even Spielburg had it in his film Taken on alien abductions. Strange! What happened was something grabbed both my wrists as I laid a sleeping. And I was paralized for a moment as I fought furiously to break the alien, demon, intruder, hiver, scums binding power hold on me by using the powerfull Name of Jesus to rebuke the attacker! Then I scurried out of bed, so as to see if anything was in my aptment. I was ready to open up a can of woop-alien-butt in a pair of seconds! Talk about excitement. Am I looney saying that? No it means I was right in what I sensed a week before that hooligan threatened my life and then last nite. That there was a coming a pile of trouble in forms I did not imagened. An attack by Satan, Well that bad boy who tried to attack me was sent back from where it came from by the power of God. HOO-RAA! I love the smell of spiritual warfare in the wee hours of the nite! Sounds crazy, but when youve got plenty of time on your hands, nothing to do, bored, then something like that is.. well not welcomed, but sort of interesting in a boring life. And I do take it seriously, but without trembling and fear anymore. My humor on this comes from my confidence in Jesus and His protecting love!

(Roger, A.K.A. Alien Buster)

ũ -http://www.alienresistance.org/4-church-teaches-spiritual-warfare-in-jesus-name/


ũ (Testimony of Mark) - ̸ ܰ ġ ߴ(lien Abductions Stopped in Jesus Name)

̸ ṵ̃ 20 ̻ UFO Ӽ Ͼϴ. ũ ߷(Jacque Valee) ̷ ߰ ׺ å κ оϴ. ֱٿ Ʈ ߰ϱ ' ̸' ġ ִٴ ϴ. ׷ ǽ Ʈ а Ȯ ݴϴ. Ʈ Ŭེ ̽ð(Mount Clemons Michigan) ִ ⵶ ȸ(Christian Lighthouse Church) б ̸ ֱٿ 2004 1 24 Ͽ ħ ' ' ƽϴ. DZ Ȱ Ͻð йŰô ̸ ɷ¿ ο߽ϴ.(ٸ ߿ Ҽ 6:12 ϴ)

Ǹ 츮 Բ ְ, ܰ ϰ ִٴ ȭϱ Ʈ Խ׽ϴ. , ȸ ο ٰͼ ῡ Ǿ Ǿٰ ߽ϴ. ׳ ʴ  ' Ȥ ' ɾִ ó ݽ йϴ 𰡸 ϴ. ׳ Բ θ¢ ڽ ߽߰ϴ. ׳ ̸ ū Ҹ ⵵ϱ ߽ϴ. ̷ θ ̸ ⵶ ڸ ̸ ̷ ݿ ¼ ο ִ ɷ ִٴ ߰ Ȯ ϴ. 츮 ſ ϴ ȸ̸ 츮 ū ȸ ȸ߿ ġ ʴ ִ ֽϴ. ̰ Ƹ ׸ 縲 ſ ٴ ϳ ȣ Դϴ. 亯 ã ִ 鿡 ⸦ ּż մϴ.


My name is Mark and for more than 20 years now I have believed that the UFO phenomenon represents a deception. The author Jacque Valee has been reporting this for a long time and I have read most of his books. Until recently found your website though, I had never read that the Name of Jesus could stop an abduction. I suspected as much for many years, but now I have read the testimonies of your website and these add confirmation to my own thoughts. I am the adult Sunday school teacher at Christian Lighthouse Church in Mount Clemons Michigan and I recently taught on spiritual warfare on Sunday morning January 24th, 2004. I cited many scriptures on the power of Jesus name on controlling and defeating demonic activity. (Ephesians 6:12 comes to mind, among many other scriptures) I also included my thoughts on your website, using it to reinforce the idea that demons are still with us and are masquerading as aliens.

After my lesson, a newer member of our congregation came up to me and related that she had awoke one night to find herself paralyzed and even unable to talk. She felt something applying pressure to her upper torso as if some invisible thing or person was sitting on her chest. She called out to Jesus in her mind and immediately found herself free. She then began to pray out loud in Jesus name. This just seems to me to be further confirmation that this is a wide spread problem and that only true Christian believers have the power, through Jesus name, to combat these attacks. We are a small, but very devout Bible believing church and there is freedom within our assembly to believe what many larger main line churches would not teach to their congregations. This is perhaps just one more sign that Christs return is very near. I thank you for your courage to present this topic to the masses of people currently looking for answers on the web.


ũ Ƕڵ (߽ / ) ̸ ܰε(Ƿɵ) Ͽ ̱ ִ Դϴ.



ź ... ¡

Ͷ θ ź ȣ( / ߿) ¸ ׷̾, ٸ ׷麸 õ翴ϴ. ׷ ״ ڽ ֱ â ȣ( / ߿) Ͽϴ. ġ, Ƹٿ, , ߸ ׸ ñ 28忡 ˴ϴ.

28:2 ھ ʴ η տ ̸⸦ (Ƶ) ȣ( / ߿) Ͽ ϱ⸦ ()̶ ϳ() ڸ ٴ ߽ɿ ɾҴ ϵ. ϳ() ü ʴ ̿ () ƴϾ

28:12 ھ η Ͽ ְ ׿ ̸⸦ (Ƶ) ȣ( / ߿) ʴ ̾ ϸ ƸٿԵ

28:13 װ ϳ() ־ ȫ Ȳ ݰ Ȳ ȫ â û ȫ Ȳ Ͽ̿ װ ޴ ʸ Ͽ Ұ İ Ǿ.

28:14 ʴ ⸧ ׷̿ ʸ װ ϳ() 꿡 ־ ȭ ̿ շϿ. 15 װ ޴ κ 濡 ϴ ħ ǰ 巯 16 dzϹǷ  Ͽ װ Ͽ. ׷ ׷Ƿ ʸ ϳ() 꿡 Ѿ ȭ ̿ Ͽ

28:18 װ ˾ ϹǷ Ҹ ̿  ʸ 縣 ϰ ʸ ϴ տ ʷ 簡 ǰ Ͽ

28:19 ߿ ʸ ƴ ڰ ʷ Ͽ ̿ װ Ÿ ǰ װ ٽ ϸδ ϼ̴ ϶


ź ̱

ź ̹ ް Ȯ, ׷ ״ Ȱϰ ֽϴ. ׸ ״ ȣ( / ߿) ϴ õ θӸԴϴ. ״ ȣ( / ߿) ġ ִ ձ ġԴϴ( 12:26; 11:18).

[KJV] 6:12 ̴ 츮 ο ϴ ƴ϶ Ǽ ο [ְڵ] 鿡 ִ ǿ ϴ ̱ ̴϶.

6:13 ׷Ƿ ϳ() ָ ϶ ̴ ϰ Ŀ ̶

4:7 ...͸ ϶ ׸ϸ ϸ

12:11  ǿ ڱ ϴ Ͽ ̱ ׵ ױ ڱ Ƴ ƴϿ

º 4 1-10 (߽ / ) ܰ Ͽ ź ̱ð, 츮  ź ο ̱ ִ ּ̽ϴ. (߽ / ) - Į ׿ ο ׸ ϰ ָϽʽÿ. Ȯ ִ Ŵ ŷ ִ ŷ å 濡 ã ֽϴ. ϴ ڵ, ؾǹ ź Ӽ Ѿ ׵ ڽŵ Ȱ¦ ϴ Դϴ. ִ ٸ ϳ ⵵Դϴ.


ũ ܰε ߴٴ Ƕڵ Ͻź Ƕڵ 캸 ִ Դϴ.

ģ: ڵ - ܰ ħԼӼ Ǯ / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxrr_3YO81E&t=3632s


ֺ ˵帰(BUZZ ALDRIN)Բ 츮 ޿ ʾҴٰ Ͻô ũ -



ֺ 츮 ΰ ٷ븦 ˵ Ѿ ٰ ϴ ũ



Alien Intrusion / ܰ ħ - UFOs and the evolution connection https://usstore.creation.com/product/216-alien-intrusion


ܰ ÷ õ α׷ ť͸ ũ



̽ åڲ ܰε ϰ η غ Ǿ ʾҴ Ͻ ũ



Ȯ ü ٰ´. ں19 û ִ / UFO DISCLOSURE IS COMING, HIDDEN IN "CV-19" RELIEF BILL https://www.bitchute.com/video/BkiVPeiG75o/



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